Chinese people and Koreans should cut a belly and should die.

Japanese Bloomers Party

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April Fool 2005.04.01.

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Bloomers History

In general, bloomers are assumed that bloomers woman (Ameria Jenks Bloomer 1818-1894) of the female liberating movement person in the United States invented it.
It is described to 'Large word woods' etc. of Sanseido like that. However, the artificer is mirror woman (Elizabeth Smith Miller), and what she designed in 1850 seems to have come to be called "Blumarz" from the thing introduced "Lili" on paper of my newspaper the bloomers woman according to the world large encyclopedia etc. of Heibonsha.
Bloomers at that time seem to have been made in the one of shape to squeeze the skirt of the pair of trousers of a thick cloth like tweed and the home spun fabric, etc.
The cycling begins to spread about the close of the 19th century, this bloomers spread among women who do the cycling, and it seems to have come to be called before long, this clothes were "Blumarz".

It enters the 20th century, and it begins to spread as girl's physical exercise wear, and height spreads from Taishou era to the Showa era and so-called "Lantern bloomers" in which rubber enters the shortening waist and the skirt even as for the knee has spread also in Japan. How said this time, "Bloomers" or "Blma" to call is established. It came to move only by bloomers sooner or later though it seemed to have worn under the skirt.

The women's volleyball team in Japan can adopt when participating by bloomers of present shape of the shorts type that the Tokyo Olympics is held in 1964, and the volleyball team in the United States sticks to the body by the material with retractility (volleyball shorts), and bloomers of this shorts type have spread to the site of the academic training rapidly.
Moreover, it was worn under the skirt as over shorts, and it came to exist as the one that was worn under the skirt as under a skirt and put on worth and usually among girls.

Word "Girls' used underwear" spreads in general, and bloomers come to be considered as "Indecent the one" when the prosecution of a so-called girls' used underwear shop makes news in Tokyo in the beginning of August, 1993.
The physical exercise wear was united to bloomers in a Japanese junior high school in Singapore and the student was reported to be opposition in November, 1993.
The student side was insisted on, "The line and the foot of the waist were exposed too much", the school assumed, "It was figure-hugging and functional" and" "As my that 1% did not follow though 99% followed, and the principal insisted, "The bathing suit is more shameful in the point of shamefulness".
The Blma abolition has advanced rapidly when the consideration said, "Blma is shameful" spreads gradually, the school that gradually abolishes Blma appears, and the half pants appear. Blma was not seen at most schools in the metropolitan area in 2000.